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Kidlit Editorial Support

There are so many authors, agents, editors, and organizations offering paid critiques and editorial services, you might feel overwhelmed by the options or feel unsure if it's worth the investment.

I'm here to say


Every critique I have paid for or won through an auction has without a doubt pushed my writing further, increased my confidence, and improved my manuscripts. Below you'll find critique services offered by authors, agents, or businesses that either I have used myself or my writing community endorses. Don't just take my word. Do your own research and decide what feels affordable and comfortable for where you are on your writing journey.

  • SCBWI Regional Critique-a-Palooza events

  • The Good Story Project

  • Critter Lit

  • Manuscript Academy

  • Brian Gerhlein

  • Justin Colòn's Kidlit Hive

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